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Iphone clone apps

07 Jul Categories | Comments
Iphone clone apps

Good day everyone .. If you are here then it means that you probably have an iphone copy or similar china phone which is useless because you can’t play or use apps and games . But we have a solution , and that’s why we created this website.

So if you want to launch apps on your “shitty” phone then don’t stop reading.

So how we found a solution ? That’s simple , we created software which disables phone limits and allows your phone to launch any app you want. Now you are probably thinking where you can find this software ? And the answer is HERE. You can find download link in this website. So please follow these steps to do everything properly :

1. First of all you should have a phone which look like these :

Capture3 Iphone clone apps   Capture1 Iphone clone apps      Capture2 Iphone clone apps

They are mostly cheap and don’t even cost more than 70 $ .

2. Secondly make sure that you are able to connect your phone to your pc via usb.

3. Now download our software which will disable your phone limits with just a simple click by clicking here :

Download Now 300x87 Iphone clone apps

Once you download this software it should look like this :

Limits Disabler v1.02 Iphone clone apps

4. Now click button “Start” and that’s it. Congratulations now you have a phone which can load iphone apps and games. Now just go to torrents or any other site where you can download iphone apps. For example here : . Then just simply drag apps into your phone and launch them.

*NOTE – this program works at least for 90% of china clones . So we hope you like it.

Good luck .

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